Saint Barthélémy
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Not only am I not a moderate, I shall never strive to be one.
Che Guevara

The blue island, that’s what people called our island of St Barthélemy in ancient times. Nostalgia? no, just a nod to the guaiacum tree, symbolic of the Caribbean and used in the construction of traditional local houses. When it flowers, the tree explodes into tiny blue dots, giving the landscape an impressionist air, like a painting by Paul Gauguin.

Putting some color back into life, claiming the feeling of Liberta that can still be found in a small island Paradise.

In these uncertain times, we thought it appropriate to defend a certain ideal of liberty, the values of pacifism and humanism and, far from any diktat, an open mind about all forms of expression.

This edition, featuring crisply refined images, directs our gaze toward spaces that are free. Respecting the natural scenario as it was long ago, beauty barely veiled through the eye of a photographer, the unexpected poetry of a villa inspired by the geography of its setting.

Everyone must follow where the wind leads on our blue island, getting lost on hidden pathways.

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