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Once upon a time there was… Saint Martin.

Like a dotted line drawn through the ocean, our islands punctuate the story of wild adventurers that fate brought to these shores, marking an episode in the human saga or a whim of modern life. In the Caribbean, each dot has fashioned a world of its own, borders are invisible but the sea ensures that no two islands are alike. At the crossroads of cultures and of travelers from afar, our cosmopolitan island of Saint Martin-Sint Maarten makes no apology for its dual personality. Maybe this originality drew you here.

Of course, almost four centuries ago, the island was negotiating a highly unusual compromise as two soldiers set out to run as fast as they could around the perimeter in order to share out the territory between the French and the Dutch. Many conquests have been far less amicable. The result today is the fascinating coexistence of two peoples who certainly know how to join forces when it comes to family, friendship and festivities. But the island also known as “ Soualiga ” – land of salt – has many other riches to divulge, its advantages go far beyond the legendary beauty of its beaches and its equally famous art of hospitality.

More than 30 years ago, Discover magazine became part of the history of this island whose dual nature is unique in the world. Over the years, we have delighted in telling the stories of those who forge the character and the reputation of our pebble in the sea. We also love to reveal some of the intimate secrets known only to the oldest islanders, and to share with you all that our sun-kissed natural environment can offer, an endless source of inspiration for a glossy review.

Life on a tropical island is a form of luxury with obvious advantages, comfort loves beauty, especially in the cool context of a stunning villa proclaiming its privilege from the top of a hill. It always overlooks the sea, dotted with sailors indulging their passion for the deep. Discover loves to share tales of mariners, pioneering adventures and the challenges facing all who flock to these shores, convinced that they have found the gateway to their heaven on earth. Could it also be yours?

You will find all this and more in this 31st edition. Enjoy leafing through it, feasting your eyes… then keep it to remind you of all this.

Team & staff of Discover St. Martin / St. Maarten

Discover’s Team

Directeur de la publication
Guy Rosa
Directrice de production & coordination
Viviane Chance
Direction artistique
Création Plus Saint Martin
Stéphanie Leroy
Régie publicitaire & fabrication
Rosdal Saint Martin

Magazine’s Contributors

Delphine Gavach | Mathias Durand-Reynaldo | Charlotte Reville
Kay Bourlier
Donovane Tremor | Jean-Seb Lavocat | Thomas Proust | Mathias Durand-Reynaldo | Fotolia | Dominique Bonnissent, Inrap
Christophe Henocq
Thomas Proust
Alexandra Hubert
Nina Malyna & Thomas Proust


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